David Taylor trolls Facebook

What can I say?  The man is a fake and a liar.  He has people who troll Facebook and then contact you via PM and say Apostle David E. Taylor has a special word from the Lord for you.  I had a friend who they just was contacted and I read word for word what they had sent her.   It was the same exact message they sent me.  This guy wants your money and he wants to control you.  You will never hear from him directly as he is SO busy.  Whatever!  If you call like I did after being contacted by a puppet, they want you to send money to “help” God release His blessing upon you.  What bunk! They also tell you you will have a visitation from Jesus.  No I did not.  I spoke with people to try to reason with them to get away from this man but some seem so devoted.  It is very sad and I think this man must be a sociopath because how can you take people’s money in such a deceitful way?  I have had his so-called ministry send me things to try desperately to gain my confidence and all of it went into the trash.  DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN!  He is of the Devil and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  I am at least a seasoned Christian and tested this man to see what he would do.  Folks, it’s all about the money.