what every do for jesus it be real

I have been follow his ministry of year since 1998. David told a man that  he was heal of a  bad disease but when he go back to the doctor and got check and he was not heal  that was this year 2016. What got me the most he said in his deposition that he have not seen jesus since 2010, that is 6 yr ago. someone  is not telling the truth if i wrong about him someone tell me my email is cedricad@hotmail.com We got to be real but someone got to check these thing out that why i  believe sid roth took his show off his website and have not have him back on. Many pastor dont what him to come  to there church,  i  at one time believe in him  but so much now that is has comeout that he is false, only one you can lean on is jesus But God is real people