False Prophet

I’m sure this won’t be posted since this isn’t a real life account with this scumbag. But on the off chance it makes it up there I’d like to say i stumbled upon his deposition a couple months ago on YouTube and was floored. I was raised in the church since I was a baby. I’m most definitely not a perfect man or Christian. However when I saw the way this man conducted himself while he was being deposed I felt physical sickness come over me into my stomach. I guess it says a lot about him but also his followers if they are that ignorant and stupid to send him money in to believe that he is an actual profit or minister of God’s word then shame on them and shame on him. To say that I need a private jet and God bless me with two private jets and to Bentley’s and a two and a half million dollar home is absolutely disgusting. I don’t understand how he has not been sent to prison. I cannot believe he is not petrified of Judgment Day I know that I am personally scared of that day because I am a sinner like everybody else however to claim to be a minister of God’s word and to Rob your congregation simply to provide yourself with a luxurious lifestyle and then lied through your teeth under oath especially in oath that ends with so help you God is the most egregious nasty sickening horrific ignorant retarded laughable ugly moronic thing anybody could do. This truly does show the end of times is near it has been long written down about the false prophets and I know there are many like him sooner or later God will cut you down.