He Has A God Complex

This man tells his staff that every leader and every ministry must submit to JMMI because Jesus is there with them. This man acts like Jesus is with no one else but him. He tells his people that Jesus is with no one else like He is with him and that no one else is in the face of God but him. I was even told that he once said that he was the 4th person in the Godhead. He says he’s the only face to face prophet and there’s no prophet like him and there never will be. He teaches people that he’s the highest ranking person in God’s kingdom on the earth and no one is higher than him and no one will ever be high as him. If that’s not the embodiment of pride I don’t know what is. He’s very abusive towards his staff. They work long hours (mostly all day) and are told when they can eat. This is actually illegal according to labor laws. He has put his physical hands on many of them and uses his supposed rank or position to justify it. He has broken up many relationships and marriages. If a follower of his ministry has a spouse that doesn’t agree with him, he tells that person to divorce them and leave them for his ministry. He tell them things like “you’re doing this for Jesus”. He very abusive in his language towards people. When he gets mad he loves to call people nigga, punk, pussy, and such like things. If you make him made, he will call you all kinds of derogatory names. If you don’t “repent” like he commands you, he will tell you things like “you will stand before me and Jesus at the end of time and we will judge you”. He has even said this on livestream before. Face to face in its purity is a blessing, but this man here is wicked. He pretends to love people but he has much blood on his hands behind the mistreatment of God’s people. He will be judged by the same standards he judge everyone else by but his will be more severe before the Lord.