Staff knew not of Jesus

I went to the cancer crusade yesterday with my ministry group, ON the inside of the crusade there were blinding lights, the Bishop (so called) with Taylor kept saying I can’t have my man look bad on TV. I felt something wrong in my spirit man, U run a deliverance and healing street ministry working with the holy spirit. I have never seen Jesus face to face like the Apostle so called says so. I went outside there was an old woman who was blind in one eye, I prayed for her and told my ministry team to help a demon manifested throwing the old lady to the floor. The thing that bothered me is the men in suites said to move the lady out the way that she was blocking the door, it bothered me like what? but never the less we agreed and went around the corner. THe demon came back and the men came again after a half hour saying we had to leave what if she hits her head, I irritatedly said man why don’t you take off your darn suit jacket and help. No one helped us they looked in disgust, this Ministry does not have disciples, just people looking to look important. This ministry uses brain washing, and David E Taylor has sold out to money laundering and wanting to see Jesus on TV which is not him but an angel of light.