Hairy Legs

Every woman that he sleeps with in the ministry has hairy legs,  that’s his fetish.

He doesn’t pay,  feed or give to staff.

He has a baby out of wed lock in  St. Louis.

When he says he’s fasting and praying. He actually send one of the men that’s close with to go the video store to rent porn.

He slept with at least 13 women in his ministry RRMM, And again got one pregnant  and tried to cover it up by sending the woman out of town with no money or resources. She had to stay in a shelter.

He manipulates people out of there life’s saving.

I watched him slam a staff member several times and I was close to that person..  I can remember him looking at me saying Larry help me. This guy David “Dumpster Juice” Taylor took his life savings.

If you add up the time his ex- wife and him getting married and having that first baby, You see that he had that baby out of wedlock and tried to cover that up by marrying. The same women he beat on.

He broke up families ,  a host of marriages through sleeping with married women. How you can tell he’s sleeping with woman,  if he would put them in leadership over the men.

I can go on and on about the snake. And I will confront him to his face when he stop hidding from me. All this happened in St Louis. This rabbit whole runs deep.