Thief, Child Beater and Sexual Predator?

I donated over 3000$ from my savings account to Mr. David (if that’s even his real name), after he told me that every dollar I contributed would go to helping the ministry spread the word of god and was also a step closer to curing my chronic arthritis pains which have now become worse, I was a fool to trust him. My friends at church have also been talking about alleged charges against him for sexual assault against a minor. Can anyone confirm these charges? I know that in his court hearing the prosecutor said that he had been charged with assaulting HIS OWN DAUGHTER after beating her raw with his thousand dollar belt. Perhaps this message will inspire others to come forward with their stories as i’m sure this fraudulent hypocrite has affected the lives of many. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims who have been scammed, lied to and abused by this sadistic maniac.